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Old World meets New World


Be unafraid.



Available all year round.

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Belgian Kölsch-Style (4.5% ABV)

The Lieve was one of the oldest canals in Europe. From the star-shaped fortifications of Damme, it flowed to the historic city of Ghent. Its name translates as "dear" or "lovely".

Lieve is a light gold, crisp and crushable beer of 4.5% ABV showcasing 100% pils malt. It's inspired by the top fermented but lagered hybrid beers produced around the German city of Cologne, but has a more pronounced ester profile and a firmer bitterness (Citra and Mandarina Bavaria).

Water: damme Malt: pils Hops: citra, mandarina bavaria Yeast: german ale EBC: 03 IBU: 35

Appearance: pale gold, bright

Aroma: grainy, fruity

Taste: crisp, refreshing

DAMMENATION_Tap Handle_2018_0012.png


Belgian IPA (7% ABV)

The devil—in the form of a dog—appeared in Damme just as a storm put a hole in the village dyke. The locals killed the dog and used its corpse to fill the hole, saving Damme from flooding.

Damme Nation is a marriage of the British tradition of a more amber malt profile, the caramelised notes of Belgian special B malts with the seductive quality of classic American hop varieties from the Yakima Valley (Amarillo, Cascade and Citra).

Water: damme Malt: pils malt, pale ale, caramunich, special b Hops: amarillo, cascade, citra Yeast: american ale EBC: 31 IBU: 62

Appearance: Amber

Aroma: citrus, tropical fruits and pine

Taste: caramel, pronounced bitterness


CASSANDRA_Tap Handle_2018_0013.png


Oyster Stout (7% ABV)

Captured by a local fisherman, Cassandra the Mermaid cursed Damme. She was banished to a pond right beside the brewery where she died of despair. She lives on today as the city weather vane.

Cassandra's bitterness derives from both its coffee-like roasted grains as well as its earthy European hop bill and a subtle touch of minerality through the addition of oyster shells at the end of the boiling process brings out a perceived chocolatey-liquorice sweetness.

Water: damme Malts: pale ale, munich, special b, chocolate, roasted barley, oat flakes, barley flakes Hops: challenger, goldings Yeast: american ale Other: oyster shells EBC: 117 IBU: 52

Appearance: jet-black, tan head

Aroma: coffee, chocolate, liquorice

Taste: smooth, full-bodied, roasty, sea-kissed


Brewed for each season, released once a year.

1902_Tap Handle_2018_0014.png


Honey Lavender Tripel (8.5% ABV)

It’s the year the restaurant opened, frequented initially by fishermen who spent their days—not angling the rivers—but inside the Siphon, drinking beer.

1902 is a classic Belgian style—a golden Tripel of 8.5% ABV—but with a twist of honey and lavender. The addition of honey accentuates the rich nectar-like maltiness of the beer, and the distinct aromas of the lavender compliment both the floral, earthy hop profile and the banana-esque, apricot yeast flavours.

Water: damme Malts: pils, munich, wheat, oat flakes Hops: challenger, cascade Yeast: belgian abbey Other: honey, lavender, candi sugar EBC: 10 IBU: 40

Appearance: gold

Aroma: honey, lavender,

Taste: sweet, bitter, floral

ZWALUW_Tap Handle_2018_0015.png


Rye Session Ale (3.3% ABV)

Our region is an international bird airport with migrations from Africa to the Zwin every year. But one swallow does not a summer make. So, drink two.

‘Zwaluw’ is grassy, fruity and bitter, with rye malt delivering a body to defy its low ABV and a heavy dosing of Amarillo in dry hop to equip it with a stone-fruit and citrus juiciness.

Water: damme Malt: pils, carapils, rogge Hops: armarillo, hallertau mittelfrüh, Yeast: english ale EBC: 05 IBU: 34

Appearance: straw yellow  

Aroma: grassy and stone fruits

Taste: bitter, floral and juicy

CENDRE_Tap Handle_2018_0016.png


Black India Saison (6.5% ABV)

Smoked eel has long been a specialty of the Siphon restaurant. The eels are smoked in a hut right beside the brewery. We huddle around the ashes on Autumn brew-days.

Cendre is a blend of styles from a variety of countries, with the chocolate malt character of a British stout, the seductive melon and pine profile of an American IPA and the drying citrus qualities of a Belgian Saison.

Water: damme Malt: pale, munich, special b, chocolate, chocolate wheat Hops: citra Yeast: saison EBC: 78 IBU: 63

Appearance: black

Aroma: citrus, pine

Taste: chocolate, bitter, dry

TRONK_Tap Handle_2018_0017.png


Vanilla Orange Quadrupel (10% ABV)

Every four or five winters, people in our region cut the branches from the tree trunks for firewood. As a result, knotted willows dot the landscape around our brewery.

On its classical Quadrupel base, we add an extra layer of ingredients to achieve the winter twist. No spices were added in the boiling stage. Instead, orange zest and vanilla pods were added after fermentation, in cold conditioning tanks, one week before bottling.   

Water: damme Malt: pils, munich, special b, chocolate Hops: Goldings, Saaz Other: vanilla pods, orange zest, dark dandi Sugar Yeast:  belgian abbey

Appearance: winter brown  

Aroma: dried fruits and orange

Taste: milk chocolate and vanilla



The house beer of the Siphon restaurant, available on draught at the Siphon restaurant only.


BLINKER_Tap Handle_2018_001.png


Saison 5.5% ABV

*Available only on draught at the Siphon restaurant*

To defy the Dutch blockade of the waterways here after Belgian independence, the locals of Damme dug the Leopold Canal, known locally as ‘the Blinker’.

Blinker is a dry and thirst-quenching beer made with barley and wheat malts and hopped with the earthy hop varieties, Goldings and Challenger. The lemon symbol adorning the label references not only the citrus aromas and flavours derived from our characterful yeast, but the colour of the sun and the taste of a season.

Water: damme Malt: pils, munich, dark wheat Hops: goldings, challenger Yeast: Saison

Appearance: hazy gold  

Aroma: citrus fruits 

Taste: refreshing, dry, bitter



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Beers brewed only once, for meaningful collaboration, fun and experimentation and for special occasions.




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A series of six collaboration beers to celebrate the third birthday of Siphon Brewing.