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Captured by a local fisherman, Cassandra the Mermaid cursed Damme. She was banished to a pond right beside the brewery where she died of despair. She lives on today as the city weather vane.


‘Stouts’ initially developed as beers which were bigger in flavour and stronger than other beers and the ‘Stout Porter’ was a strong dark beer which took its name from the street and river porters of 18th Century London with whom it was popular.

When the tradition moved to Ireland, they turned to roasted barley rather than brown malts and brought a dryness to the beer style which changed it forever.


Cassandra is a complex and full-flavoured beer.

Its bitterness derives from both its coffee-like roasted grains as well as its earthy European hop bill and a subtle touch of saltiness through the addition of oyster shells at the end of the boiling process brings out a perceived chocolatey-liquorice sweetness.

The shells are taken from the Siphon restaurant where the oysters have been freshly prepared and consumed by visitors earlier on brew day.

Cassandra exists for a number of reasons.

We wanted a stout in Belgium to be roasty and malt forward, where the yeast doesn't do all the heavy lifting.

We wanted a stout in Belgium which wasn’t overly sweet.

We wanted a beer versatile enough for food pairing in the Siphon restaurant, with big cheeses, chocolate desserts or our specialty smoked eel.

And we’ve got an Irish brewer in our ranks who just wanted to brew a stout. 




Water: Damme

Malt: Pale Ale, Munich, Special B, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Barley Flakes, Oat Flakes

Hops: East Kent Goldings, Challenger

Other: Oyster Shells

Yeast: American Ale



Appearance: jet black, tan head

Aroma: coffee, chocolate, liquorice

Taste: smooth, full bodied, roasty, sea-kissed 


EBC: 117

IBU: 52

Serving Temperature Suggestion: 10°C

Top-fermented | Refermented in the Bottle | Unfiltered | Unpasteurised