Smoked eel has long been a specialty of the Siphon restaurant. The eels are smoked in a hut right beside the brewery. We huddle around the ashes on Autumn brew-days.



Cendre might on first appearances seem to be a little confusing.

It’s a blend of styles from a variety of countries, with the dark malt character of a British stout, the seductive fruity profile of an American IPA and the drying citrus qualities of a Belgian Saison.

Cendre 4.jpg

Its flavours jump about across a wide spectrum: combining the chocolatey vibes of our malt bill; the piney, resinous, almost melon-like notes of the Citra hop; and the orange-zestiness of an attenuative Saison yeast.

And on top of all that, it’s a beer brewed by a Flemish brewery, but named in French.

But no confusion is intended. Rather, it’s a statement about who we are.

Cendre 1.jpg

We’re Belgian so we’ll give French a go.

We respect historic styles, but we’re open to new world styles.

We want to push ourselves in our use of ingredients and in technical process.

We want to always learn and get better.

Cendre 3.jpg

The conversations we have about recipe development, ingredients, flavour profiles and maintaining our integrity usually happen on brew days, just outside the brewery where the smoking hut for the restaurant’s eel is situated, with the distinct smell of its ashes as our muse.




Water: damme

Mout: pale, munich, special b

Hop: citra

Gist: saison



Uiterlijk: zwart  

Aroma: citrus, den

Smaak: chocolade, levendig, bitter


EBC: 78

IBU: 63

Ideale schenktemperatuur: 6°C

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