Collaboration with KINNEGAR BREWING (IRL)


Brewed especially to celebrate the third birthday of beer and chocolate blog ‘Belgian Smaak’, Rule of Three is a collaboration with Kinnegar Brewing in Ireland, based around the concept of ‘Three’.


Referenced in the writings of William Shakespeare and Benjamin Franklin, ‘Small Beer’ was historically a weak beer produced in households for consumption by children and servants.

The intention is a low alcohol beer with plenty of body and lots of flavour, because these types of beers aren’t common in Belgium.

Rule of Three

Because of the third birthday, the concept of ‘Three’ dominates the beer’s construction.

Three malts were used (pils, carapils and rye).

Three hop varieties  were deployed (Saaz, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and Hallertau Blanc).

Three yeasts were pitched (English Ale and Mild Dark Ale in primary and a neutral conditioning yeast for refermentation in the keg).

The beer was dry-hopped three times.

It finishes at 3.3% Alcohol By Volume.

We’re left with a crisp, fruity and easy drinking ale that punches well above its weight.

The visual identity of the beer is split into three separate design sections and brings together the hare and eel symbols from the logos of the two breweries and the colours of their respective environments.

Poured for the first time on the THIRD of February 2017.





Water: Damme

Malt: Pils, Carapils, Rye

Hops: Saaz, Hallertau Mittelfrüh, Hallertau Blanc

Yeast: 'English Ale' Yeast, 'Dark Mild' Yeast, Conditioning Yeast



Appearance: golden  

Aroma: floral

Taste: fruity and soft 


EBC: 5

IBU: 22

Serving Temperature Suggestion: 6°C

Top-fermented | Refermented in the Keg | Unfiltered | Unpasteurised