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Beers brewed only once, for meaningful collaboration, for fun and experimentation and for special occasions.



Coffee IPA (6.5% ABV)

‘Way to Damme’ is a one-off, one-keg only beer produced for Uppers & Downers coffee beer festival 2019 in Berlin. It's based on our Damme Nation IPA, with 20% addition of a washed Kent varietal coffee from the Ipyana region of Tanzania produced by 180 smallhold farms and roasted by our friends 'Way Coffee Roasters' in Ghent, Belgium. The bright tropical fruit notes of the Yakima hops (Amarillo, Cascade, Citra) compliment the plum and green tea fruitiness of the coffee, with a hint of nutmeg from the coffee playing off against the Caramunich malt character of the base beer.

Way to Damme.png


Imperial Mussels Stout (9% ABV)

From the Flemish coast to the streets of Brussels, an ode to two of Belgium's most famous culinary delights: mussels and beer.

Brewed especially for the BxlBeerFest 2019, Mussels in Brussels is an Imperial Mussels Stout of 9% ABV featuring a complex malt bill (pale ale, special b, carapils, caramunich, melanoiden, chocolate wheat, barley flakes, oat flakes) and the addition of 8kg of fresh mussels—both meat and shells—for minerality and fullbodiedness.


NOLA (v. 2018)

Hoppy Weizen (5% ABV)

The name NOLA derives from St. Arnoldus, the patron saint of brewing, the female version of the name and a beer brewed to celebrate International Women's Day on 8 March 2019. It is a collaboration with Kim van Opdurp (Zytholicious); Katrien Bruyland (Epicuralia); Daniella Provost (DOK Brewing Company, Ghent); and Leen Geers (Dranken Geers, Oostakker).

The beer is a hoppy weizen of 5% ABV, a golden German ale with esters of banana and clove and a melon and peach hop aroma from the use of the Belma in dry hop additions.

It was poured for the first time on 8 March 2019 at Hal 16, Dok Noord in Ghent to celebrate International Women's Day.

UK Tap Handles_2019-RGB_002.png
sold out.png


Tarwe Beer (8% ABV)

An ode to all the big plans and hazy memories created in the little Bruges bear since Daisy Claeys opened the bar in 1983.

Hazy Daisy is a hybrid of a wheat beer, a Belgian Tripel and an English bitter, the result being a fruity, creamy, bitter-sweet ale of 8% ABV. Malted wheat makes up 45% of the grain bill to deliver an attractive haze, and subtle additions of vanilla contribute to a luscious mouthfeel.

Haz-Cen-Siph_UK Tap Handles_2018_0012.png


Imperial Espresso Oyster Stout (12% ABV)

In Blida, ripe coffee cherries are dried on beds under the Ethiopian sun, developing a juicy acidity and intense fruitiness which bring this already humongous beer to psychedelic heights.

EMWIKC is a collaboration with Hedonis Ambachtbier and Or Coffee, a viscous, creamy and intense beer, mashed ridiculously thick with a hefty grain bill, no sparging and adding bags of fresh oyster shells to the two humongous gyles. We added Blida coffee in espresso and cold brew additions, a naturally processed, direct fair trade coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia.



Smoked Rye IPA (7% ABV)

Known for attacking drunk fishermen smugglers in the middle of the night, Osschaert—a shapeshifting monster from our region appearing mostly as a black dog with large claws and fiery eyes—would force them to their knees, his terrifying laugh ringing out across the waters. 

The beer is a collaboration with Totem, a smoked rye IPA brewed using 30% beechwood smoked malt, 30% rye malt and 40% pale ale malt. It's hopped with Columbus, Cascade and Chinook and dry-hopped with Columbus (pellets) and Simcoe and Cascade in the form of Cryo Hops®. Osschaert is a full-bodied beer with a grassy, subtly smoked flavour and resinous, tropical hop notes. 



New England Saison (5% ABV)

Ambiorix led a small Belgian tribe to victory over the Roman Empire. It was the greatest and most humiliating military defeat ever suffered by Julius Caesar and his soldiers. Our 100th brew—Centurion—is a collaboration to mark our second birthday. In the words of Caesar: "Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae,"—"Of all these, the Belgians are the strongest."

Centurion was brewed in collaboration with ‘t Verzet, Hof ten Dormaal and Armand Debelder. On a base of the soft, biscuity flavours of a relatively classic Saison malt bill (pils, munich, dark wheat, light wheat, barley flakes, oat flakes), we’re combining the citrus qualities of our yeast strain with the tropical and stone fruit juiciness associated with the “New England” moniker, not to mention its low bitterness, late and dry hop additions in huge quantities and fruit juice hop haze.

Haz-Cen-Siph_UK Tap Handles_2018_001.png


Belgian Kölsch-Style Ale (4.5% ABV)

Siphonneur was brewed in collaboration with Brussels café Le Barboteur for the occasion of their third birthday, an important beer bar located in an old library in Schaerbeek.

Siphonneur is a light gold, crisp and crushable ‘Belgian Kölsch-Style Ale’ of 4.5% ABV, inspired by the top fermented but lagered hybrid beers produced around the German city of Cologne as defined by the Kölsch Konvention of 1986. It showcases a 100% pils malt base, Citra and Mandarina Bavaria hops and a subtle fruity yeast character.

Haz-Cen-Siph_UK Tap Handles_2018_0013.png


Coffee Saison (5% ABV)

In the dense Congolese mountains of the Virunga National Park, HUTWE is a community washing station for coffee beans. To us in West Flanders, it simply sounds like ‘Good Stuff’. 

The Hutwe coffee variety was sourced directly by Or Coffee from a small Congolese community washing station in the Virunga National Park. The bright citrus-zest fruitiness of both the coffee and the beer compliment each other, with the Saison’s dryness accentuating the coffee variety’s subtle stone-fruit acidity. 



Dams Rauchbier (5.5% ABV)

Brewed for our one-year anniversary together with all the breweries in Damme, we’re raising a big stink about that other waterway, the Schipdonk canal.

‘Stinker’ is a top fermented beer, brewed very much as a Belgian ale (multi-step mash and bottle conditioned), but using Beechwood Smoked Malt from Weyermann® Malts in Bamberg (35% of the grist bill) to equip it with its subtle smoked bacon aromas and flavours. The cigar on the label is not only a reference to the smokiness of the rauchbier, but as something which is associated with the celebration of a special occasion, like the first birthday of a brewery.



Small Beer (3.3% ABV)

Brewed especially to celebrate the third birthday of blog ‘Belgian Smaak’, Rule of Three is a collaboration with Kinnegar Brewing in Ireland, based around the concept of ‘Three’.

Three malts were used (pils, carapils and rye). Three hop varieties  were deployed (Saaz, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and Hallertau Blanc). Three yeasts were pitched (English Ale and Mild Dark Ale in primary and a neutral conditioning yeast for refermentation in the keg). The beer was dry-hopped three times. It finishes at 3.3% Alcohol By Volume. We’re left with a crisp, fruity and easy drinking ale that punches well above its weight.

rule of three.png
sold out.jpg