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*Available in Northern Ireland only


A Quadrupel.

With Potatoes.

From a butcher.

On the Newtownards Road.



No other vegetable is as associated with Ireland as much as the potato.


Thought to have been introduced onto the island in 1589 by Sir Walter Raleigh, the potato soon spread to the rest of Europe in the following decades.

The reliance of the Irish working class on the potato for sustenance had tragic effects during the Irish Famine of the 1840s, forcing poverty stricken Irish families to emigrate.

Almost one million people died of starvation.

Another one million left the island forever.


Today in Ireland, the potato rules on.

The island is one of the highest potato consumers in the world.

In a collaboration brew bringing together Belgium and Ireland, we felt compelled to put it centre stage.


The base style for our potato beer collaboration with Boundary Brewing in Belfast is the 'Belgian Quadrupel' or 'Belgian Dark Strong', a high alcohol malt bomb with a dried fruit yeast character.


We sourced potatoes right beside the brewery, from a butcher's shop on the Newtownards Road, specifically the 'Maris Piper' variety, a purple flowered main-crop potato with a golden skin, creamy white flesh with a high dry matter content.

We mixed these potatoes into a starchy pulp and added them to our mash. Hopping was noble and a highly attentuative and expressive Belgian yeast was pitched.


The beer will be launched at ‘Belgian Night’ at Boundary Brewing on Friday 22 December 2017.