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Brewed for our one-year anniversary together with all the breweries in Damme, we’re raising a big stink about that other waterway, the Schipdonk canal.


Our Saison is called ‘Blinker’.

It’s the nickname of the Leopoldscanal, one of the two canals that runs alongside our brewery.

The other is the Schipdonk canal, known to locals as the ‘Stinker’.

Since we opened our brewery almost one year ago, the people of Damme asked us, as a joke, when we would brew the ‘Stinker’.

We heard it so many times that we decided we had to do it, as a one-off.


In the spirit of collaboration, we wanted to brew it together with the other breweries in Damme affected by the canals: Brouwerij Bryggja and Brouwerij Viven.

They both agreed and the collaboration was born.

We needed a beer style with a pronounced aroma, fitting for its name.

Deciding not to rely on big hop aromas or characterful yeast, we turned to Germany, and to Franconian Bavaria specifically.


Our Damme ‘Rauchbier’ is not a strict interpretation of the German style and we do not claim that it is.

A historical specialty of the city of Bamberg, Rauchbiers were amber lagers with the primary character contributed by a high proportion of smoked malt.

‘Stinker’ is a top fermented beer, brewed very much as a Belgian ale (multi-step mash and bottle conditioned), but using Beechwood Smoked Malt from Weyermann® Malts in Bamberg (35% of the grist bill) to equip it with its subtle smoked bacon aromas and flavours.


We’re using Munich, Caramunich and Chocolate malts to give it body and roundness.

A clean fermentation profile and bittering additions only of the German hop variety, Hallertau Mittelfrüh, let the smoke character and maltiness stand up as the stars of the show.

The cigar on the label is not only a reference to the smokiness of the rauchbier, but as something which is associated with the celebration of a special occasion, like the first birthday of a brewery.





Water: damme

Malt: smoked, pils, munich, caramunich II, chocolate

Hops: hallertau mittelfrüh

Yeast: american ale



Appearance: amber

Aroma: beechwood campfire

Taste: subtly smoked


EBC: 26

IBU: 30

Serving Temperature Suggestion: 6°C

Top-fermented | Refermented in the Bottle | Unfiltered | Unpasteurised