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Every four or five winters, people in our region cut the branches from the tree trunks for firewood. As a result, knotted willows dot the landscape around our brewery.


The Quadrupel – once called ‘Abt’ and often referred to as 'Dark Strong Ale' – is a style which originated within the walls of the Trappist monasteries of Belgium.

Its trademarks are the use of dark candi sugar – to boost gravity, thin the body and darken the colour – and its signature is a distinctive yeast strain, which presents as anything from peach and ripe banana to dried fruits and pepper.

A warming booziness, rich malt backbone and subtle bitterness complete the picture.


We’ve built a classic Quadrupel first – albeit slightly drier and with less phenolic spice than other commercial examples – and added an extra layer of ingredients to give the beer a winter twist.

No spices were added in the boiling stage. Instead, we added orange zest and vanilla pods after fermentation, one week before bottling in our cold conditioning tanks.

The tanginess of the orange zest and the smoothness of the vanilla add complexity and seasonality, and deliver a flavour evolution in the bottle over time.

The ‘Tronk’ – the knotted willow tree which dots the landscape around our brewery in the winter – is a symbol of resilience. It serves as perfect inspiration for a strong and characterful winter beer.




Water: Damme

Malt: Pils, Munich, Special B, Chocolate

Hops: Goldings, Saaz

Other: Vanilla pods, Orange zest, Dark Candi Sugar

Yeast:  Belgian Abbey




Appearance: winter brown  

Aroma: dried fruits and orange

Taste: milk chocolate and vanilla


EBC: 68

IBU: 50

Serving Temperature Suggestion: 10°C

Top-fermented | Refermented in the Bottle | Unfiltered | Unpasteurised